For the home
and interior design

Genuine wood
is a safe and
environmentally friendly choice

Aspen and black alder are suitable for both traditional and modern interior design.
Knot-free and resin-free wood is beautiful and durable.
It can also be surface-treated in a chosen manner.

Natural, antibacterial properties of wood
make it a healthy option for the home:
for the walls, ceiling, floor and furnishings.

Genuine wood is a safe and environmentally friendly choice.
Interior panel for the home - made in Finland.

Heat treatment improves the properties of wood

Environmentally friendly heat treatment makes wood more durable.

Heat-treated wood can also provide better thermal insulation. Heat treatment is environmentally friendly, and it does not require the use of any chemicals – only heat and water steam. Heat-treated wood can also be surface-treated in a chosen manner – it can be e.g. waxed or painted.

We personally heat treat all the timber raw materials that we use at Pieksämäki.

Pieksäwood manufactures interior panels and mouldings using the best materials:

  • Aspen

  • Black alder

  • Heat-treated aspen
  • Heat-treated black alder



The beautiful and light-coloured aspen is a traditional Finnish building material.

The light colour of aspen creates the sense of space even in smaller premises.

Aspen can be beautifully stained due to its even wood material, so aspen can be coloured in a chosen colour.

Black alder

Black alder

Due to its beautiful warm and red-toned colour, black alder is a suitable option as the wall and ceiling panels in interior design.

Black alder can be used as it is, but it can also be painted, oiled or waxed.

Heat-treated aspen

Heat-treated aspen

Heat-treated aspen is a beautiful brown. It has a stylish hardwood-like surface and a pleasant scent.

Heat treatment makes aspen even harder and more durable. Heat-treated aspen retains its dimensions.

Heat-treated aspen is also an excellent option for interior design. It can be freely painted or surface-treated.

Heat-treated black alder

Heat-treated black alder

Heat treatment fully colours black alder into a beautiful brown and it achieves a stylish hardwood-like surface and a pleasant scent. At the same time the wood becomes harder and more durable and it does not swell or twist over time.

Heat treatment also allows the capacity of black alder’s thermal insulation to further improve, so it does not feel hot. Its moisture, weather and decay resistance also improves.

Due its characteristics, heat-treated black alder is suitable for interior and exterior cladding, outdoor structures as well as for saunas and wet rooms. The wood can be freely painted or surface-treated.

The wood can be surface-treated or painted.

Wood does not need to be the colour of wood

Resin-free and knot-free wood is beautiful as it is. Aspen is naturally a lighter colour, while black alder is slightly darker.

Heat-treated aspen and black alder are timeless and stylish.

Non-treated and heat-treated panels and mouldings can be surface-treated or painted in a chosen tone. They can be evenly stained since the wood is dense.

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