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Frequently asked questions about composite wood products

What is composite wood?

Is composite wood really maintenance-free and does not need impregnation or painting?

What are the biggest advantages of composite wood over other common deck and fence materials?

Does the color fade due to the weather?

Are Pieksäwood composite wood products easy to install?

Where can I use composite wood products?

Do composite boards heat up in the sun?

How can I visually check the composite wood before installation?

From what and how is composite wood made?

Is the use of composite wood ecological and sustainable?

How are composite wood surfaces cleaned?

How are the ends of the terrace finished? Are there end pieces/edge moldings for finishing these sections?

What tools can be used to work on a composite wood board?

Can composite wood crack?

Are there structural changes with composite wood?

What is the difference between different fasteners of the composite wood board?

Does Pieksäwood’s composite wood come with warranty?

How much does a composite wood cost compared to wood, for example pressure impregnated terrace board?

Are the composite wood boards slippery in the rain?

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