Ruskea valeurapaneeli tervalepästä makuuhuoneen seinällä.

Nature-inspired design panels

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Inspired by the beautiful fells of Finnish Lapland, the modern design panel TUNTURI 15 x 90 mm, which plays with light and shadows, is a harmonious and luxurious alternative to traditional finger-joint panels. The surface shape of the three-dimensional interior panel, handmade in Finland, varies depending on the angle from which it is viewed. TUNTURI panels provide posture and elegance for saunas, bathrooms and other home decor solutions. We manufacture the TUNTURI panel from high-quality aspen, heat-treated aspen and black alder.

Haapalauteet ja haapapaneelit ovat tyylikäs valinta skandinaaviseen saunaan. Valkoinen kiuas viimeistelee saunan tyylin.

KARE panel

Introducing the KARE Panel – a collaborative design masterpiece crafted in partnership with the renowned interior designer, Emilia Karenina. This exquisite design panel was born out of Emilia’s vision as she transformed the surfaces of her upcoming home. The KARE product line, therefore, emerges from a genuine need, blending functionality with the art of design.

The soft design of the KARE panel reflects the lapping of water waves in the summer wind. The KARE comes to life best when light hits its undulating surface.

We manufacture the KARE panel from high-quality aspen, black alder, and heat-treated aspen.

KARE-paneeli 3D-kuva

SOLA panel

The trendy batten panel SOLA 26 x 110 mm STS is the perfect design panel for those who love impressive batten surfaces. Batten panels make it easy to build trendy batten walls, ceilings or any interior design solutions both in wet rooms and dry spaces. The batten panel SOLA is ideally suited for use in Finnish saunas. The profile of the SOLA panel is deep enough to create a clear contrast between the surface and the bottom of the batten. The SOLA panel is made from high-quality, durable heat-treated aspen, black alder and heat-treated pine.

Rimapaneeli SOLA eteisen seinäpaneelina. Paneelin väri on ruskea ja materiaali lämpöhaapa.

Experience Finnish nature in our wood products,

as we know it.

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